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Why Choose Parkchester Locksmith Bronx Corp

Affordable Services

Are you concern with the possible expenses that you’ll incur when you ask for a professional locksmith? With Parkchester Locksmith Bronx Corp, we ensure that our customers get the right information, costings, and services they ask for. All our services are based on the approved standard pricing of all accredited locksmith service providers to ensure that no customer is given an overpriced quotation.

Before doing any of the tasks, we ensure that our customers are comfortable with the pricing by providing an estimated cost. Once our customer gives the go signal, we immediately go to the location and fix the issues giving them 100% satisfaction.

Fast and Efficient

Unlike other locksmith service providers, all our locksmith technicians have the right knowledge and skills to perform their tasks in an effective and efficient manner. They undergo extensive training to produce high-quality results in the shortest amount of time which is why you don’t have to worry about any wasted minutes on the services that we provide.

To achieve this result, we purchase top-notch equipment that allows us to work with any type of key or lock problems. Whether it’s your home lock security, business safety locks, or automobile key concerns, we’ve got you covered with our fast solutions and affordable services.

24/7 Availability

Never worry again about your keys and lock problems. Parkchester Locksmith Bronx Corp is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to help you with all your locksmith concerns. Whether you’re at home, at your business, or stuck in your car, we will be able to get to your location and fix your issues in no time.

We value all our clients’ safety which is why it’s important for us to provide you our services anytime you’re in need. Our response team is available all the time.

Our services

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Residential Services
Residential Locksmith

Nobody wants to experience lock and key problems within their home which is why, at Parkchester Locksmith Bronx Corp, we provide all residential locksmith services in any area in the Bronx. Call us anytime you’re in emergency lockout concerns, in need of lock upgrades and installations, or lock maintenance.

Commercial Services
Commercial Locksmith

We put extra effort to ensure that your business safe protected against intruders and internal threats. With our round-the-clock services and comprehensive security solutions, we perform a systematic approach when it comes to protecting your business. We provide security upgrades, a master key system, digital lock services, and more.

Auto Services
Auto Locksmith

Our locksmith technicians at Parkchester Locksmith Bronx Corp specialize in all auto locksmith concerns. From car lockouts, programming and replacing car keys, ignition cylinder and switch replacements, or as simple as car key extraction, we’ve got you covered!

Emergency Services
Emergency Locksmith

Getting a professional locksmith when you’re in an emergency is crucial to ensure safety and security. Our technicians are equipped with the right knowledge, skills, experience, and tools to provide the right solutions anytime and anywhere.

How Much Does a Locksmith Cost in NYC?

The average cost of hiring a professional locksmith is between $80 to $300 depending on the service, distance, and hourly rate. In most cases, the average hourly rate and a trip charge are between $50 to $150, after-hour rates are between $50 to $200, and an emergency trip charge is between $100-$200.

Parkchester Locksmith Bronx Corp offers one of the most affordable and competitive pricing in the Bronx, NYC. Call us to get a quotation for the service you’re going to avail.

Where Can I Get a Key Copied in NYC?

There’s no place to look any further because we have the best locksmiths and tools to provide you a new copy of your keys. Key duplication is not an easy task and you’ll need to have the right equipment, skills, and experience to do it successfully which is why hiring our professional locksmith is the best choice.

Whether it’s a regular key to your house, high-security keys for your business, car keys for any type of automobile, or antique keys that you got from your grandparents, we’ll surely produce the same copy for you anytime you need them.

Service Area
Wherever you need locksmith service and is in Bronx, NYC, we will get to your location in no time. We cover all residential, commercial, automotive, and emergency locksmith services 24/7. Here are some areas that we cover, but are not limited to:

>> Silver Beach
>> Concourse
>> Wakefield
>> Parkchester

>> Longwood
>> Fieldston
>> Morrisania
>> Williamsbridge

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